Victoria Vetri's Hollywood Career

I started my Hollywood career at 18 using the stage name Angela Dorian and switched to my birthname mid-1968. I worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood; Gene Kelly, Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Adam West, Bill Bixby, Lee Majors, Leonard Nimoy, Michael Landon, James Whitmore, Rod Taylor, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Mia Farrow, Brian Keith, James Whitmore, Richard Long, Robert Vaughn, Linda Evans, John Forsythe, Dick York, and many more.

  • 1962 TV The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet / episode "Rick and the Maid of Honor" S11:E1
    Played a Maid Of Honor in Dave Nelson's wedding (uncredited)
  • 1962 TV Going My Way / episode "The Father" S1:E4
    Role: Carmel youtube video clip
  • 1962 TV Cheyenne / episode "Johnny Brassbuttons" S7:E11
    Role: White Bird
  • 1962 Movie The Pigeon That Took Rome

  • 1962 TV Hawaiian Eye / episode "To See, Perchance to Dream" S4:E9
    Role: Kini
  • 1962-1963 TV The Gallant Men / episodes "A Place to Die" S1:E12 & "Next of Kin" S1:E19
    Roles: Sister Catherine / Teresa Borrelli youtube video clip 1   youtube video clip 2
  • 1963 FILM Kings of the Sun
    Role: Ixzubin
  • 1964 TV Destry / episode "Ride to Rio Verde" S1:E9
    Role: Maiya youtube video clip
  • 1964 TV The Tenderfoot: Parts 1 & 2 / Disney TV film S11:E5/S11:E6
    Role: Margarita youtube video clip
  • 1964 TV The Bill Dana Show / episode "Jose on the Ledge or the Crystal Room" S2:E6
    Role: Maria
  • 1964-1965 TV Wagon Train / "The Zebedee Titus Story", "The Jarbo Pierce Story" S7:E31/S8:E26
    Role: Maria / Marie youtube video clip
  • 1965 TV McHale's Navy / episode "Marriage, McHale Style" S4:E3
    Role: Gina youtube video clip
  • 1965 TV Bonanza / episode "Devil on Her Shoulder" S7:E6
    Role: Essie youtube video link
  • 1965 TV Perry Mason / episode "The Case of the Golden Girls" S9:E14
    Role: Debbie Conrad youtube video clip
  • 1966 TV Run for Your Life / "Carnival Ends at Midnight" S1:E16
    Role: Carmen
  • 1966 TV The Man from U.N.C.L.E. / "The Indian Affairs Affair" S2:E30
    Role: Charisma Highcloud youtube video clip
  • 1966 TV The Big Valley / "Legend of a General: Parts 1 & 2" S2:E2/S2:E3
    Role: Teresa youtube video clip
  • 1967 TV Hogan's Heroes / "The Crittendon Plan" S3:E1
    Role: Carla youtube video clip
  • 1967 TV Death Valley Days / "The Girl Who Walked the West" S16:E5
    Role: Sacagawea youtube video clip
  • 1967 Movie Chuka
    Role: Helena Chavez youtube video clip
  • 1968 TV Batman / "I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle" S3:E23
    Role: Florence of Arabia youtube video clip
  • 1968 Movie Rosemary's Baby
    Role: Terry Gionoffrio youtube video clip
  • 1969 TV The Courtship of Eddie's Father  / "Mrs. Livingston, I Presume" S1:E1
    Role: Dolly Daly youtube video clip
  • 1969 TV Film The Pigeon
    Role: Barbara Hagen youtube video clip
  • 1970 TV Land of the Giants / "The Marionettes" S2:E23
    Role: Lisa youtube video clip
  • 1970 TV Daniel Boone / "Noblesse Oblige" S6:E22
    Role: Susan youtube video clip
  • 1970 TV Film Night Chase
    Role: Beverly Dorn youtube video clip
  • 1970 TV Mission: Impossible / "Squeeze Play" S5:E12
    Role: Eve Zembra youtube video clip
  • 1970 To Rome with Love / "Doctor Andy" S2:E14
    Role: Christina
  • 1970 Movie When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
    Staring Role: Sanna youtube video clip
  • 1971 TV Film Incident In San Francisco

  • 1973 Movie Group Marriage
    Role: Jan youtube video clip
  • 1973 Movie Invasion of the Bee Girls
    Role: Julie Zorn youtube video clip
  • 1975 TV Lucas Tanner / "Bonus Baby"
    Role: Connie youtube video clip

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