When I was named Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1968 I received as my grand prize a sparkling brand new American Motors AMX. I was in Hef's Los Angeles office receiving congratulations from him, and afterwards went downstairs for a photoshoot with the car, where they handed the keys to me as its original owner.

I loved my car which is why I kept it for 42 years. I was lucky to find the right person to sell it to in 2010, who restored the car to new condition. The car is the star! 

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Jay Leno's Garage Video

In the video Jay states he remembered me as well as the car, as the newest PMOY in the May 1968 issue. Well in 2015 he got the chance to drive my Playmate car and look it over in person while filming for an episode of his "Jay Leno's Garage" show. In the video he comments the car was nicely restored. You are so nice Jay.

The Playmate AMX Restoration Video

This video was made to show as an overview how my Playmate AMX went from its poor condition when I sold it in 2010, to like brand new only a few years later in 2015. My friends did such a beautiful job working on the car. I love you all!

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